RNA journal (HighWire version 2) does not work

The RNA journal website has switched to HighWire version 2 and the translator is not working any longer. The PNAS site wich uses the same layout works fine. May be the HW2 translator needs some tweeking. A number of journals use HighWire and is likely that they will switch to the new version soon. So this bug may impact a lot of sites.

Here is the link to the RNA journal:

  • I think the same problem is happening with one of my favorite journals, Genome Research:


    Others in my field have noticed the same thing, so resolving this issue would be a huge help many people.
  • I checked the translator and it specifically detects the PNAS URL ( www.pnas.org). It is possible that the rest of the URL is too generic. At least in the case of the search page it does look very generic.
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