word processor add-on support

There is a growing pile of issues with word processor integration:
Off the top of my head there's at a minimum
- non-working LO5 installation on Mac and possibly beyond
- Mac Word 2016 not working with OneCloud
- Several different Word 2016 issues including crashes and whatever this is: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/53048/error-when-inserting-a-citation-in-word-using-firefox-integration/#Item_21
- Disabling of displaying tracked changes in Word (2013+?)

What are your plans for getting someone to work on these?
I don't really have the ability to do much about them (nor am I very interested as I'm shifting my writing away from anything WYSYWG), but these are hitting people at very nerve-wracking moments in their research process and it's frustrating to not have anything to tell them.

So, what's the short to medium term plan here? Does Simon still have the time to work on this? Is one of the new devs going to take them over?
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    These issues probably fall into three categories:
    1. Bugs in other people's software we can't do anything about. (Any time Word is crashing, it probably falls into this category.)

    2. Cases where I need to fix/update docs. (For LO5 installation on Mac, you need JRE v6 due to a three-year-old JDK bug that Oracle promises to fix sometime in the next two years. You might also need JRE v8 depending on what LO itself is currently requiring. The Word for Windows getDocument issue is most likely not new, just giving a different error.)

    3. Issues that need to be fixed in integration. The tracked changes issue probably falls into this category. I can see if there's anything to be done about the OneCloud issue, which is probably related to Microsoft breaking something in a Word point release, but first I actually have to get OneCloud to work at all. (It is totally broken when Office is logged into my MIT Microsoft account.)

    I'll take a closer look at all of these this weekend...
  • thanks for the update, Simon
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