Solving downloading pdf file once for all, New workflow!!

After trying zotero/endnote and various software. I finally come to this solution with zotero:
my system config:
xp sp2
FF 3.0.5
Zotero 1.5 Sync Preview 3.6.
pdf2text 3.02
pdfinfo 3.02

as far as I know, zetero has some difficulty to download pdf file or even the metadata for many journals, in fact, it could work for one journal this week but not next week if there is a website redesign. We can work it out by drag-and-drop the pdf link into zetero and use the new "retrieve metadata from pdf" function to change the pdf file into a "normal" item in the library. This function works very well, I get as least 90% of my pdf files recognized.
- go to the article page on the journal website
- find the pdf link and drag in into zotero
- continue to find all pdf files you seek
- retrieve metadata from pdf files

there are two minor issues:
no snapshot ( i really don't need it coz it saves many small files in the disk)
pdf file name is not in the format of "author-year-title-journal"

If someone could work the renaming issue out, it would be perfect!
  • I wrote a small Zotero plugin which deals with this issue. It is a different approach but you might be interested in it. With the plugin you basically have to do three things: 1) capture the item (which I think works quit well), 2) download the pdf, 3) press the ZotFile bottom.
    I like the fact that a) attachments are linked to the zotero item which means that they can be moved to any directory (which is automatically done by the plugin) and b) that you can choose the pdf file name such as "author-year-title-journal".
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