DIE ZEIT site translator no longer working

The site translator for the weekly German newspaper DIE ZEIT (www.zeit.de) is broken ever since the site renewal.

Zotero no longer recognizes the articles as newspaper items and the saved information based on the metadata is not quite correct.

For example, the author for the following article will appear in Zotero as "Polke-Majewski, Von Karsten", where the "Von" gets unnecessarily added before the first name (equivalent to the English "by" as in "(written) by Karsten Polke-Majewski").


Not to mention date, abstract, section, and such are no longer captured.
  • This should be fixed now. Your translator should update autmotically or you can upload it manually.
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    > zuphilip

    Thanks for your help in the other thread with TouchPoint.

    I apologize for the late reply. Yeah, the new translator properly saves the bibliographic information now. Thank you very much for your help.

    I just noticed a possible regression, however, that snapshots will be saved in the old website layout rather than the new layout.

    This is a snapshot of a ZEIT article I had saved before (i.e. this was saved without a functioning translator):
    [EDIT: Link deleted]

    If I save the same article now with the new translator, the snapshot will look like this:
    [EDIT: Link deleted]

    Could you possibly look into this issue?
  • Actually, the translator tries to save by adding
    to the url. This should result in page with the whole article (Kompletansicht) and the layout maybe simplified for printing.

    However, I see that this does not work on your example:


    But it works nicely on the example:


    The question is now, when does it work okay, and maybe when should we take another url. Any ideas?
  • Okay, I tried with a new method. However, I am not sure if these works as you want. You find a new translator at (click at "Raw" and replace it in your data directory with the current one):

    https://github.com/zuphilip/translators/blob/zeit-snapshot/Die Zeit.js

    Could you test this new version on several articles?
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    Yeah, the new version seems to work great! Thanks!!

    Do we need the string "&print=true" by the way? I do very much like the fact that snapshots will be saved in the single-page view (with the "page=all" string), but I now get a print prompt when saving an article.

    Just to comment on the issue, you were right about not all articles being saved in the old website layout. The issue seems only to have affected certain articles.
  • Currently, I am looking for the link behind "Artikel drucken". I see the problem with the dialog popping up all the time. I can switch that to the link behind "Auf einer Seite lesen" if it is present, and the current url otherwise. I think that should be the solution we are aiming to.
  • Agreed. Aurimas had some ideas how we could prevent the popup dialogs generally speaking, but that never went anywhere. Until then, we should avoid triggering them.
  • A translator fix is now up. Your version of Zotero will automatically update within 24hs, or you can update manually using the "Update Now" button in the "General" tab of the Zotero preferences. If you're using Standalone, restart Zotero and your browser after updating. Any further problems let us know & thanks for reporting.
  • Yeah, the new translator seems to be working nicely. Thanks for your help once again!
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