hide or dissmiss Related Duplicates

I have many duplicates that are actually not Dups. E.g. reports that are have yearly updates, or versions that differ only by call number, or a report with the same title and authors of a journal, etc. A known issue, not easy to solve.

My suggestion would be to make exceptions for manually Related items. Do not mark them as Dups, or better: add a button in the Duplicate section to hide duplicates which are Related. Would be a perfect workaround for me to keep duplicates empty, and protect me from incidentally merge false-Dups.
  • Previous discussion here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/36960/mark-as-nonduplicate/

    A "mark as not duplicate" feature is generall planned, but probably won't be implemented in the near future.
  • I think what we should be able to get much easier is to allow duplicate (and unfiled for that matter) as a search conditions in a saved search, which would make some version of what stroom suggests (with tags, not related) possible.
    I haven't actually checked what would be needed for this, but it's bound to be a lot simpler
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