Elsevier Harvard vs Traditional Harvard

Can someone tell me why Elsevier Harvard referencing uses no bracket for the year and the traditional Harvard referencing should have a bracket? Does it matter?

For example:
Johnson, A (2011)
Johnson, A., 2011.
  • There's no such thing as "Traditional Harvard".

  • I know that it does not originate from Harvard U! My question is about the bracket. I learned that we use the bracket for the year in the references, however, Zotero's Harvard style does not use the bracket. Why not?
  • It's not just that it's not from Harvard. They're simply is no 'traditional' Harvard style. Every style using author and date in the text is 'Harvard'. Zotero has hundreds of those: zotero.org/styles . What matters is what you're supposed to use, which we can't tell you.
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