Annotating PDFs when Zotero cloud-based

Assume that I am working with Zotero through a web browser with all my library resources (records and PDF documents) held remotely in the Zotero cloud and I want to:

- navigate to the record I want
- select the link to the PDF
- have it open on my PC in a PDF app with basic annotation tools
- annotate the PDF
- automatically save back to the Zotero cloud

This seems like a simple, obvious workflow but I don't think I can do this at the moment - am I right? If it is possible, I'd appreciate a pointer to the right setup.

  • correct. You'd have to manually re-upload the PDF.

    Zotero simply isn't designed to be used (or really usable) as a cloud only version at this time.

    FWIW, both the ZotPad and the Papership app make something along these line possible on Apple mobile devices.
  • Thanks Adam. Time to review my workflow...
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