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I'm searching for some sort of documentation about how Zotero exports RDF files.

It appears that, depending on what item type I choose, each item is stored with a different parent in the exported RDF.

For example:

- If the item type is "Web Page", most metadata is stored in <bib:Document>
- If the item type is "Document, most metadata is stored in <RDF:Description>
- If the item type is "Journal Article", most metadata is stored in <bib:Article>

Mainly, I need a list of possible parents:
- <bib:Document>
- <RDF:Description>
- <bib:Article>
- and so on

Does anyone know where I can find these? I'm hoping that I won't have to create a sample item using each item type to figure this out.

  • You should first read a little about RDF/XML before getting too far into this. For example, you need to understand that there are two ways to type resources in RDF/XML.
  • Thanks for your reply...

    So, am I understanding this wrong?

    Let's say for example I'm looking in the RDF for the date added...

    Web pages would place this in:

    <bib:Document ......... dcterms:dateSubmitted="2009-01-13 15:47:44">

    Journal articles would place this in:

    <bib:Article ......... dcterms:dateSubmitted="2009-01-13 15:47:44">

    Is that part right?
  • As I said, spend some time googling on generic RDF/XML information. There are many ways to represent that information in RDF/XML.

    <bib:Document dcterms:dateSubmitted="2009-01-13 15:47:44">
    ... or ..

    <dcterms:dateSubmitted>2009-01-13 15:47:44</dcterms:dateSubmitted>

    ... or ...

    <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://purl.org/net/bib/Document"/>;
    <dcterms:dateSubmitted>2009-01-13 15:47:44</dcterms:dateSubmitted>

    ... all mean the same thing. It matters that you know this if you're trying to process RDF/XML using plain XML tools.

    As an added wrinkle, Mozilla's RDF support is a little dated.
  • Sorry, I think the word "parent" in my original post has confused things...

    Although there are several ways this information could be represented, Zotero’s RDF export only represents them as...

    <bib:Document dcterms:dateSubmitted="2009-01-13 15:47:44">

    My question is... that "bib:Document" part varies depending on the item type. I'm hoping for a list of those variations.

    Does that make sense? Thanks...
  • In case it helps someone else, here are the possible elements that the exported Zotero RDF file may include, depending on item type:

    Artwork – <bib:Illustration>
    Audio Recording - <bib:Recording>
    Bill - <bib:Legislation>
    Blog - <bib:Document>
    Book Section - <bib:BookSection>
    Book - <bib:Book>
    Case - <bib:Document>
    Computer Program - <bib:Data>
    Conference Paper - <RDF:Description>
    Dictionary Entry - <RDF:Description>
    Document - <RDF:Description>
    Email - <bib:Letter>
    Encyclopedia Article - <RDF:Description>
    Film - <bib:MotionPicture>
    Forum Post - <bib:Document>
    Hearing - <bib:Report>
    Instant Message - <bib:Letter>
    Interview - <bib:Interview>
    Journal Article - <bib:Article>
    Letter - <bib:Letter>
    Magazine Article - <bib:Article>
    Manuscript - <bib:Manuscript>
    Map - <bib:Image>
    Newspaper Article - <bib:Article>
    Patent - <bib:Patent>
    Podcast - <bib:Recording>
    Presentation - <bib:ConferenceProceedings>
    Radio Broadcast - <bib:Recording>
    Report - <bib:Report>
    Statute - <bib:Legislation>
    Thesis - <bib:Thesis>
    TV Broadcast - <bib:Recording>
    Video Recording - <bib:Recording>
    Web Page - <bib:Document>
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