Summon (proquest) as a locator / search engine


While the Summon 2.0 (by Proquest) search engine used by my university's library is correctly recognized by Zotero's translators to import references, it doesn't seem that Zotero can be aware of it as a search engine ("locate" button to the right of the search box). Once on the site, we should be able to add it with that menu, but the option doesnt' show.
What's wrong?

  • you can only automatically add this for sites that implement a specific open search format. Very few do; I'd assume Summons doesn't. That means the only way you can add it to locate is to manually add it the the engines.json file in Zotero, which is a bit finicky.
  • Hmm. Can that be dealt with by adding the engine to the default list (Google Scholar, Crossref etc.)? I'm pretty sure Google scholar doesn't implement Opensearch either ;)
    Not sure whether the spread of Summon justifies this from you, but it would sure be a bonus...

    If the proxy format in which that search is integratedin university library websites makes a general implementation difficult, maybe our library staff could be persuaded to tinker something...
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