[cb2bib] Modifying regexps.txt

I've just started using cb2bib. It's great. However, the site I use a lot does not have a translator and the journals are listed this way:

Title: Prophet, kings, servants, and lepers: a missiological reading of an ancient drama
Source: Missiology 35 no 3 Jl 2007, p 305-313.

cb2bib picks out the title, pages, number and year fine. But it misses the Journal name and volume number.

I have spent the better part of the afternoon trying to figure out how to modify the regexps.txt file to recognize this pattern.

After manually editing the entry, I do ALT-I and save new recognition pattern as ATLAS, but to no avail.

I've tried manually editing the regexps.txt file, but again, to no avail. I'm sure it's something simple (it sounds like it should be anyhow), but I can't make sense of all the s's and d's and +'s and such.

I've chased down the help files and links, but, alas, I just don't get it (I haven't programmed since GWBasic died).

If someone could tell me how to do it, or send me something I could cut and paste into regexps.txt I'd really appreciate it!


P.S. Oh, yeah, it doesn't list the author. But I don't know any way around that. :(

EDIT: Hmmm. I've tried copying properly formatted entries, with a variety of styles, and none of them pick up journal or volume.

What am I doing wrong?
  • Well, part of my problem is solved. I had to add all the journals to the abbreviations.txt file. Now it picks up the journal, but still not the volume number.

    I also discovered that it is doing all this heuristically. It apparently scans the regexps.txt file, but comes up with "no automatic format detection...5 fields guessed".

    It does equally well when I delete the regexps.txt file!

    In fact, it never automatically detects anything. Even when I copy sample items from the cb2bib site itself. It does it all by heuristically guessing.

    I can't get it to work as advertised:
    * cb2Bib automatic processing
    Once text is selected cb2Bib initiates the automatic reference extraction. It uses the predefined patterns from file regexp.txt to attempt automatic extraction. See Configuring Files section for setting the user predefined pattern matching expression file. After a successful detection bibliographic fields appear on the cb2Bib item line edits. Manual editing is possible at this stage.

    * cb2Bib manual processing
    If no predefined format pattern is found or if detection proves to be difficult, a manual data extraction must be performed. Select individual reference items from the cb2Bib clipboard area. A popup menu will appear after selection is made. Choose the corresponding bibliographic field. See BiBTeX Entry Types available as cb2Bib fields. Selection is postprocessed and added to the cb2Bib item line edit. cb2Bib field tags will show on the cb2Bib clipboard area. Once the manual processing is done, cb2Bib clipboard area will contain the matching pattern. The pattern can be further edited and stored to the regexp.txt file using Insert Regular Expression, Alt+I. See the Extracting Data from the Clipboard and The Regular Expression Editor sections.
    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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