Documentation of Zotero's SOAP API?


I just started trying to write a gedit plugin that inserts citations into LaTeX documents and exports the bibliography as BibTeX. The easiest way seems to be the use of the generic BibTeX style (

Now I just read through the from the integration/python subversion directory, but it seems to contain very much Office specific stuff. So I want to write a small, simple function that calls Zotero's RPC API to get the relevant information, i.e., a formatted citation and a formatted bibliography (which, in the case of the BibTeX citation style, are the BibTeX key and the bibliography in BibTeX format).

Now I just couldn't find any information which methods I must call for this. I tried to search through the and integration.js, but I couldn't really find what was relevant to me. Can anyone point me to the methods I have to call?

In general, maybe a documentation of the SOAP API would be useful, so others could start writing plugins for different applications.

  • There's no documentation on this currently, but you can run Zotero with debug output to view the SOAP requests and responses, which should get you pretty far along.
  • The alternative, if you wanted to be able to use the more full-featured BibTeX translator, would be to require MozRepl, which provides a telnet interface to the internal JavaScript environment. But if the BibTeX style is sufficient, SOAP is probably the way to go.
  • Thank you, I'll try the debug option.

    I think a citation style is the right way for me, as it allows to easily add new BibTeX export schemes (e.g., biblatex) without having to change Zotero's internals.
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