cannot select multiple tags - Mac Firefox 3 Zotero 1.5

First, I want to offer my congratulations for developing such an excellent academic and research tool. I just discovered Zotero and am already seriously considering switching from EndNote (after more than a decade). Great work.

I'm testing version 1.5 and want to report a couple bugs. I guess you folks do it here instead of on the SVN trac site. This the first of two.

I can only select one tag at a time. I have to deselect a tag (by clicking it a second time, after selecting it with the first click) in order to select another tag. The docs suggest that I should be able to select multiple tags by just clicking them.

Zotero Synch Preview version 1.5-sync3.6. On MacBook Pro Intel, with OS X 10.5.6 and Firefox 3.0.

Michael Barton
  • What happens when you try to click on another tag?

    If you just mean that other tags disappear after you click one, that's by design. The tag selector displays tags associated with items in the current view, and after you filter by a tag, only tags that appear on items that match the first tag will be visible. There's not currently any way to do an ANY search using the tag selector, though you can use an advanced/saved search for this.
  • That's not what I meant, but I did figure it out. I assumed erroneously that clicking multiple tags was the equivalent of a Boolean "or", when in fact it is a Boolean "and".

    'Show all tags' was clicked by default. When I clicked a tag, most other tags were no longer selectable; the few remaining selectable ones were scattered among the much larger set of non-selectable ones.

    Maybe a little more explanation in the tag selector help text would help. Even better (an enhancement request) would be to have a radiobutton that switches the tag selections from "and" to "or".

    Michael Barton
  • Even better (an enhancement request) would be to have a radiobutton that switches the tag selections from "and" to "or".
  • Ok, so to be clear - without the "or" feature I can't select two tags that don't already appear on the same document?
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    That's correct, though if you enable "Display All Tags in This Library" from the tag selector menu you can still drag items to any tag to assign it even if the tag doesn't match any items in the current (potentially filtered) view.
  • Here's the main thread on boolean OR in the tag selector:

    Closing this (old) thread. Feel free to start a new thread with other questions.
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