ZotFile - Advanced PDF management for Zotero

  • kerim: I have exactly the same problem and I am working on a solution of reading the author and title information from a PDF. More information here


  • I have a small enhancement proposal. The future versions of Zotfile could use Zotero functions to create the filenames instead of implementing another mechanism to determine the name for the PDF.

    Replace this line
    filename=this.createFilename(item, rename_rule);

    with this one

    After this the function createFilename and the associated preferences can be removed.

  • Works like a charm with my portableFirefox 3.07 on windows xp, using networkdrives. Really nice plugion!
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    I think the source_dir option is not a good method. Why can't zotfile automatically find where the pdf file is?
  • how would it tell? What is "the" pdf file?
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    Sorry. After I reread the description of zotfile, I realized I had a misunderstanding about the use of zotfile. I thought zotfile could rename, move, and attach files in the zotero collection.
  • Thanks for responding to my request Joscha. This is really is an excellent addition to Zotero.
  • This does not seem to work with Linux. Moving the file causes some kind of error.

    I created a patch that can be used to replace one code block to get the import functionality working on linux. Linking does not work with this.


  • thanks mikko - that would be great but can't get the link to work - I get a 404...
  • All - This plug-in is great, but I seem to be having a small issue - my renamed.pdf files end up in the Zotero storage location (ie D:\Kari\JournalLibrary\ElbePapers\storage\KATT7DG2), and not the dest_dir I have set in about:config. I'd greatly appreciate any insight into how to remedy this.

  • There is a preference called zotfile.import or something similar. Change this to false.
  • Nice plug in. Thanks Joscha and contributors.

    Any chance that this could work with drag-and-drop as well? I would like to drag the URL of the PDF from the journal web page onto the citation, and then it gets downloaded, renamed, saved and synced. Wow! That would be so cool. Save the annoyance of browsing to the "zotfile import folder".
  • That's a nice idea but I wont be able to do it in the near future.
    But maybe this helps: I never have to browse to the "zotfile import folder" because I use a default download folder (which you can set on firefox's main preference tab) so that files always first go to a specific folder. This folder is also my "zotfile import folder". Accordingly, I can just press the zotfile icon without browsing to the "zotfile import folder".
  • Hi, I am happily using zotfile for a few weeks, and now today the paper clip icon has suddenly disappeared. I see that JM had this problem early. Is there yet any explanation for this? I did try re-installing zotfile, but no dice.
  • I may have answered my own question, in part.

    1) If you start up a fresh firefox, the icon is there.
    2) If you create a new window, there is no icon in the second window. But I still have an icon in the first window.
    3) If you close the first window, voila! No paper clip in my firefox.

    I will keep investigating, but I think I am close...
  • yes, that's it, I think we've had that issue before, it might even be mentioned on the Zotfile page under known issues.
  • Hi,
    I'm new to zotfile. I want use it, but I get it not working (zotfile 1.0.2, zotoro 2.0b4, firefox, 3.0.10, windows xp).

    I have allready reinstalled the xpi and followed the tipps given here, but I can't see the zotfile icon in the zotero toolbar.

    Are there any problems with zotfile and zotero2.0b4? Help is welcome.
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    Hmm. I just tried on exactly the same setup (on a virtual machine within mac OSX), and the combo of zotfile102, zotero2b4, znc ff3010 works fine. If you only have one ff window open, and you've already changed the about:config settings, I'm stumped. If the button doesn't even show up, there's little to troubleshoot. The major known issues are with Linux and Lytero.

    What happens if you right-click a Zotero item--does a Zotfile option show up at the bottom of the context-dependent menu?
  • I should add, by the way, since this thread seems to attract all the zotfile aficionados, that I "discovered" a neat side effect of the way zotfile interacts with the download source directory. Since zotfile moves (as opposed to copies) the file, the next-newest download becomes the newest download each time the Zotfile button is hit, thus moving it from zotfile's on deck circle to the batter's box, as it were. So it's possible to add a zotero item, download the PDF, {repeat as many times as you want}, sort the Z items by date modified, and go down the list, hitting the zotfile for each Z item as PDFs get removed from the downloads folder and the next one in line moves up to the top spot. Hope this makes sense and is useful.
  • hi!

    I can't add a lot to what amacom73 and gregsharp/adamsmith have already said...
    gregsharp's description is all I know about the error and how to reproduce it. The problem is that I just copied the code for placing the icon in zotero from lytero and changed what I thought should be changed. Accordingly, I cant really deal with problems connected to the UI. I will post a question at the Firefox dev forum when I have some time...

    SiGi, can you try to create a new firefox profile (http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Managing+Profiles), just install zotero and zotfile for this profile (don't sync with your Zotero account though), and tell me whether you still have the same problem.

    By the way, it's great that others already reply to questions! Thanks amacom73, adamsmith etc.
  • looks awesome but i'm using Zotero 2.0! docs say it only works with v1.5 - any plans to support new version?
  • Hi Joscha,

    with new ff profile created everything works fine (zotero 2.0b4, ff 3.0.10...). The Icon is there and pdf-Import runs. Thanks.

    But it doesn't work in my default profile. I hope, that everything works fine too, when I complete the new ff profile with all the addons, settings,... which I normally use.
  • Hi Joscha,

    now the zotfile plugin fantastically works for literature.

    But I have also the problem to gather a lot of patents. The Plugin works in this case too. But the patent item has an inventor field in place of an author field and this field is not recognized. The renaming gives a wrong filename.

    Is it possible to enhance this plugin that it works also for patents. This would be a great feature for all people dealing with patents.

    I personnaly think, that one need 3 new placeholder to construct the name: one for the inventor, one for the assignee and one for the patentnumber. Perhaps you need to implement a switch on zotero item type and an addional config parameter ..renameFormatPatents.
  • Joshwhitkin, it works fine in 2.0, aside from some weird inconsistencies with the button appearing/disappearing.
  • Hi SiGi, that should be easy to implement. I will do when I have some time probably next week. Can you point me at a website with patents so that I can add one to my zotero lib?

    It might be the case that your earlier problem was connected to incompatibilities with another add-on. You can check that out by disabling one add-on at a time in the profile for which zotfile did not work. Let me know if you find something out...
  • Hi Joscha,

    for patents look at http://ep.espacenet.com. This is one of the most powerfull patent web-sites.

    This website is zotero-ready. But the translator actually has a bug and do not work out of the box (a work around exists). The translator adds only the meta data to the zotero database. And the full-text pdf has to be added separately. Therefore I want use the zotfile plugin.

    Add-on incompatibilities: If I find something, I post it here.

    It's nice to hear, that you will implement this feature for automatically rename and add patent-pdf's. Many thanks.
  • Hi SiGi, can you check this version out and let me know whether everything works:
    There is an additional preference called 'renameFormat_patent' which is the rule for renaming patents. %a is the inventor and not the authors. %i is the assignee and %n the patent number.
  • Thanks Joscha,
    I will try this ZotFile Version. But I have at the moment no time to do. I think, tomorrow I can do the test.
  • Concerning plugin incompatibilities.

    I mentioned earlier in this discussion, that I can't view the zotfile button. Now I have deinstalled a lot of firefox plugins and found that deactivating the "zotero export files to filesytem" plugin bring's me the wished zotfile button visible.

    (ff 3.0.10, zotero 2.04b, zotfile 1.0.3, zotero export files to filesystem 1.1).
  • Hi Joscha,
    the zotfile1.0.3 works fine for patents so far.

    But in contrast to literature, patents have some more relevant "date" fields. I forgot to mention this in my previous post. It would be fine, if I could select different "date" fields for renaming.

    Actually the %d placeholder selects the "date of publication" (that is one relevant date field). Another relevant field would be the date of priority (The date, when the patent application is officially submitted the first time world wide). This field exists in Zotero only as a field "priority number", which is mostly a combination of a patent number and priority date. Difficult to extract a date out of this field.

    To have the possibility to automatically rename patents using the year of the priority date, it would be usefull (or a workaround), if you could add an additional placeholder %d1 for the zotero-field "date". Here one could set the priority year.

    With this extension, the zotfile plugin is very usefull for me and a lot of people working with patents.

    Many thanks.
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