Zotero finds "false positives"

We are testing the summon search engine for our library catalogue. Zotero seemed to work with this search engine but the zotero-entries don't match the media - see screenshot here:

Occasionally this has happened before, but only when I used an ISBN-Number and the magic-wand-icon to add a data set.
Is there anything I ca do from the user-side to fix this?
Is there anything the people from summon can do to make the search engine work with zotero?
  • are you able to share the URL with us? Very hard to say without actually testing.

    What does it say when you're hovering over the URL bar icon before saving?
  • http://fhv.summon.serialssolutions.com/#!/

    It just says something like "Save to Zotero..." when I hover over the Zotero combo-icon.
  • works fine for me. Could you provide full steps to reproduce? (Gerne auch auf Deutsch, wenn das einfacher ist)

    I believe it may be the case that if you have multiple windows open that will break things for Zotero.
  • So I have the same issue with only one window. I opened the link provided, searched for "Marketing: Grundlagen" and selected the first reference in the Summon 2 translator. I first got:
    "CD40 is functionally expressed on human breast carcinomas: Variable inducibility by cytokines and enhancement of Fas-mediated apoptosis"
    trying again without refreshing the page, I got the "Reason and Rhetoric in the Philosophy of Hobbes"
    If I reload the URL or copy/paste it:
    http://fhv.summon.serialssolutions.com/#!/search?ho=t&l=de-DE&q=Marketing: Grundlagen
    the translator works as expected.

    I am not familiar enough with the Summon 2 translator or in how Summon manages sessions to make an educated guess about what is going on.
  • Same here - the issue remains with only one window open. Here's a short screen video to illustrate our problems with summon/zotero:
  • This seems to happen regardless of search results! If you just hit enter in the search box, the translator will always import incorrect references for any selected record. The first import of the first reference is always "CD40...." The subsequent references on the page are also imported incorrectly, but consistently so.

    The work-around of reloading the URL seems to usually work, but scrolling down to the bottom to allow more references to be added to the page by AJAX leads makes the incorrect import happen again.
  • Some weird stuff going on, but I think I have something that fixes this, at least in my tests, but I'd like confirmation before I put this up:
    Could you download the file Summon 2.js from here:

    And place it in the "translators" folder in your Zotero data directory,
    replacing the existing file with the same filename. Restart Firefox for good measure and try again. Does that work now?

    (Technical note: for some reason doWeb doesn't seem to get the an updated URL, which breaks everything else; I'm now using doc.location.href, which seems to do this correctly. This is also why reloading or pasting works: that does get the right url do doWeb. Same for Scaffold, where the original version worked consistently)
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    It does work now, meaning that Zotero now saves data sets for the media which are displayed when you pick a search result from a list. So is it a translator issue that will be fixed when Zotero issues a new translator for summon?

    However the quality of the data sets is not too good, and there's other weird things happening:

    When I click on a book in a search result list that summon found, the page of that book is loaded. It seems to be exactly same page that would have been loaded if I had searched for that book via our library catalogue- _but_ there is an important difference when I find the book via summon. In this case Zotero does not display the Icon for the item type "book" but the icon for website which leads to a useless data set entry: http://www.screencast.com/t/kDKBmTBu

    If I search for the same book via the library catalogue, Zotero displays the folder icon (although its just one medium but I think this is a problem of our library catalogue) and a useful set of data can be saved:

    If I check the URLs I find that the summon-URL is a lot shorter:

    The same happens when I search for an e-book via springerlink. If i find the book via summon, zotero displays the website-icon, if I find the book directly on the springerlink-site evrything is fine.

    I guess this isn't Zoteros fault? What does Summon have to change to make their search results work properly?
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    When I click on a book in a search result list that summon found, the page of that book is loaded.
    Note well that the page is the page in FH Vorarlberg's catalog. You are no longer on the Summon website.

    Zotero is not able to match your catalog's site to a translator.

    I believe your catalog uses Aleph. We have a translator for that, but the regex is overly restrictive. if you remove 'local_base=fhb01&', it would translate. So: we should add that term to the regex....
  • I can look at the book (Zotero doesn't recognize Aleph library catalogs from the short links, that may be fixable), but for Springerlink--that's getting displayed with the Summons URL at the top, right? I'm not sure to what degree we'll be able to do anything about that (or Summon for that matter--you're simply hitting the limits of how Summon's particular philosophy of interacting with search results plays with Zotero).

    The data quality is based on Summon's JSON data, i.e. the data on which the catalog is constructed. Often the data underlying discovery layers isn't great, but if you have something specific, we can take a look (please provide search terms&specific issues for items in question; in this case that's going to be much more helpful than screenshots).

    But yes, the translator fix will go up pretty soon, so at least the wrong item issue will be fixed for you.
  • OK, both the fix for the Summons issue and the Aleph issue (the latter by noksagt) are now up. Update your translators via "Update Now" from the general tab of the preferences and at least those two things should work.
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