Panda Free Antivirus declares zotero.exe infected

Yesterday I installed Panda Free AV and today it shows a warning declaring Zotero virus infected.
I guess this to be a false positive.
Am I right ?
How can I see whether it is a false or a true positive ?

Now Panda demands to restart to neutralise the infected prog.
What should I do ?

The AV warning concerns Zotero standalone.
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    What's the exact error? Assuming you downloaded Zotero from, it's a false positive, and you should report it to them.
  • The error message just announced: Infected.
    And linked to the standalone folder on my pc.

    After closing the message the zotero.exe file in the standalone folder no longer exists.
  • OK, you'll need to take that up with them.
  • What happens if I use the database produced with standaloen with the FF extension ? Any dangers ?
  • No, that's fine. They'll share the same data directory by default, in fact, so you just need to install Zotero for Firefox.
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