[RTF/ODF Scan]: Suppress Final

I need to suppress (or replace) final punctuation record by record, before I run docs through the converter. Some citations do not require suppression; others do. I thought that placing any character (such as a comma) in field four { | | |, |} would suppress final punctuation. I seem to be wrong about that. Help? Thx, M
  • I'd have to check exactly when final punctuation is suppressed (I thought that was just about delimiters, but fbennet recently wrote about this, so you may be able to track this down)--but I don't think it's possible to suppress final punctuation.
    In any case this has nothing to do with ODF Scan: remember, that just relies on Zotero to handle citation formatting, so anything that would work with ODF Scan would also have to work with Zotero prefix/suffixes, where you can test this out.
  • I am probably conflating a few different functions in the question. Sorry. Some kinds of suppression can be implemented in RTF/ODF Scan (author, etc.). In Zotero/Juris-M under Preferences|Cite|Styles we can "suppress trailing punctuation" globally, and apparently also on individual citations once we have made it into the word processor itself. My goal, of course, is to eliminate the need to touch footnote punctuation in the word processor. Neither do I wish to put the text of my content notes inside the curly braces before conversion. It's a matter of flexibility and ease of rearrangement for me. Before I decide to suppress trailing punctuation globally, however, I just want to verify that no "third way" exists. New functions appear all the time; I may have missed something. Thx, M
  • To the extent that exists, hat's Juris-M; Zotero doesn't do this (as opposed to suppress author, which Zotero does do and which is implemented in ODF Scan).

    It's not in ODF scan, though Frank may decide to implement it, but that'd be for him to do.
  • (I responded to Mark on the Juris-M lists; following up here for the zotero.org record)

    The suppress-trailing-punctuation option (STP) in Juris-M was introduced in Juris-M to provide greater flexibility in the note styles. It allows styles to supply a trailing period by default, which can be suppressed by setting a global STP option, or by setting the STP option on individual citation clusters. For note styles, this has proven to be very helpful.

    The STP option is a property of the citation cluster, while ODF Scan syntax represents only individual cites (and bundles them into clusters automagically on conversion). For that reason, there isn't an intuitively obvious location for setting the STP option in ODF Scan markup. If it were implemented, there is a good chance that it would be a source of confusion for some users.

    The best course for Juris-M + ODF Scan users who need to selectively include trailing punctuation in note-style citations is to set the punctuation explicitly in citation suffixes (i.e. on the last citation in a cluster), and then set the global STP option when finalizing the document in Juris-M.
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