How to cite diagram/illustration sources within text?

Hi everyone

I've completed my MA thesis and received my grade (woo!) and just have to make minor changes now.

One of them is to fix my citations for my diagrams/illustrations. Currently I have footnotes for the diagrams' sources. My marker says that as per Chicago style, the diagrams' sources should be cited directly under the diagram. I'm happy to do this but I'm not sure how to do it with Zotero. If I copy the citation from the footnote into the text, I think that will break the bibliography and footnote numbering.

Is there anyway to do this in Zotero?

  • I'd just delete the footnotes and create those citations as text (i.e. copy them to the clipboard in Zotero) and paste them under the diagrams.

    Then, as needed, use "Edit Bibliography" in the Word/LibreOffice add-on to add sources that would otherwise no longer be cited.
  • Hmm ok.

    What I did was just copy the citations into the main text and then delete the footnote. I didn't refresh Zotero because I'm fairly sure it won't like that! But I exported the doc as a PDF and everything seems to be fine.

    Next time I'll use your method. I haven't really played around with the edit bibliography function, preferring to let it organise itself automatically.
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