Standalone updater not working

Got an alert this morning that Z needed an update. I'm on 4.28.6 and the new version is 4.28.8.

The window that pops up has a link to "View more information about this update." It doesn't work for me.

Then I clicked on the update button at lower right. That didn't work, but it gave me new content in the window.

That included a link to manually update Z, which also didn't work.

Mavericks 10.9.5.

PS I don't know if there's a convention for this, but should "Check for updates" be under the help menu, instead of under Tools or in the Preferences?
  • known issue. You can just download & reinstall, though I believe Dan is also working on a fix for this.
  • Yes, I downloaded and installed without a problem.
  • (FWIW, while this is obviously far from ideal, the dialog says " — Manual update required — Please download from" in large bold letters. It's true that the more info link doesn't work, though.)
  • Yes, I saw that, but aside from not addressing the problem with the link that you note, there's this big "Update Zotero" button that draws one's eye. :-)
  • And to clarify, this is only necessary one time, in on OS X, which had a broken updater. Fortunately many people were still on 4.0.28, which will update automatically.
  • I think this last is what most are wondering about, i.e., why did it require a manual update this one time. Kind of thing most users might want to know. Thanks for filling us in!
  • Zotero on OS X is built off a version of Firefox — because the generic Mozilla application framework we used to use is unmaintained and is being discontinued — and the update code in the latest version of Firefox was changed to require that application updates are signed by Mozilla. (This is unrelated to Firefox extension signing.) Zotero, which is built on that Firefox version, therefore rejects all updates from us. We didn't catch this in because we only test updates from the old version to the new one, not from the new one to a future one. Zotero fixes the update code to accept updates from Zotero again, so once you reinstall that you'll receive future updates automatically.

    Zotero 4.0.28, which still had the old updater, will update straight to
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