[Style error] chicago-author-date: Journal location


Garrett, Marvin P. 1975. “Language and Design in Pippa Passes.” Victorian Poetry 13 (1). West Virginia University: 47–60.


Garrett, Marvin P. 1975. “Language and Design in Pippa Passes.” Victorian Poetry (West Virginia University) 13 (1): 47–60.

Observed in both Zotero/LO and pandoc.

CMoS 16e 14.191.

Other Chicago styles have this issue, too.
  • well not really -- you can't have observed this in Zotero, because Zotero doesn't have a place field for journal articles. I'm not sure how we should handle this in the style:
    currently almost all CSL styles assume no publication data (publisher/place) for journals. If we're going to change this, I'd still say that we should just suppress that info (i.e. put an if "article-journal etc." match="none" in front of the publisher macro.) since we should then assume that publisher/place is present for all journals, not just for the ones that need disambiguation.

    I'd guess the only way to include disambiguation info for journals is to include it in the publication field. Yes, it will be in italics, but if you really need to fix that, you can enclose that part in italics.
  • you can't have observed this in Zotero
    Sure – “Extra” field:{:publisher-place: West Virginia University}
    I do feel fixing this in the style is warranted – even if it’s just for users who know precisely what they are doing with the “Extra” field, or are using pandoc with a biblatex database.

    In general, I think the best approach is not to be overprotective, but to trust users a little more – in this case, expecting them to insert “publisher-place” only when they know exactly they will be needing it.
  • it's not about being overprotective, but about having a consistent data model. I don't find the idea of assuming data entry contingent on the specific requirements of a citation style, even an important one, convincing.

    For example: there _are_ citation styles that do require publication info for journal articles, which means Zotero may very well move to (try to) include that as data for every journal article, in which case adding this (extremely rare) case to Chicago would break the style for all other cases.
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