Export option: PDF files only + Zotero position


Just two more points that could be made even better:
- there should be an option "pdf files only" for the export (so that people using zotero to store bibliography files can easily export all the pdfs corresponding to a collection)
- would it be possible to choose zotero position in the window? It is very convenient at the top or bottom on a classical 4/3 screen, but would definitely be better on one side or the other on a 16/9 screen.

Thanks again for this jewel!

Thomas, seeking forward…
  • Although I noticed that this thread is quite old already, I'll give it a try:

    I would also like to see an option to only export PDFs of a given (Sub)collection. There are still many collaborators who do not use Zotero or similar databases and just work with the PDFs.

    It would be great if it is possible to just extract the PDFs from a subcollection in order to send them to a colleague.

    Zotfile already does a nice job renaming the PDF attachments, so identification of the PDFs should be no problem.


    (Using Zotero 4.08 in Firefox 22)
  • you can do a saved search for
    attachment item type - is - PDF
    collection - is - [the subecollection in question]
    the resulting saved search will allow you to select all PDFs (and just those) in the sub collection uses select all (ctrl/cmd + a) and drag them out of Zotero.
  • Thanks, adamsmith.

    The saved search works, but I cannot drag more than one PDF out of Zotero. I can select several PDFs (using ctrl-click), but when I try to drag them out of Zotero, only one PDF is copied. So I have to drag each PDF separately. Would be great if multiple items could be dragged at once.

    I am using Zotero 4.08 in Firefox 22 on Windows 7 SP1.
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