Zotero Standalone does not (always) work with Firefox connector

When I start Firefox before Zotero Standalone, I get the following warning and cannot save items via the Firefox connector (except Web Pages).
Zotero Standalone was launched but is not accessible. If you experienced an error opening Zotero Standalone, restart Firefox.
To my knowledge, I did not experience an error opening Zotero Standalone. To get the full functionality of the Firefox connector again, I have to close and restart Firefox. Is there another way how this can be fixed permanently?
  • You can't open Zotero Standalone and Zotero on Firefox at same time. If you want to use the Standalone version you need to close Firefox first.
  • no, that's incorrect.
    When Zotero Standalone is launched, Zotero for Firefox goes into connector mode, i.e. behaves like the Chrome/Safari connector. There is no need to close Firefox. What zurpher is seeing is a bug.
  • But this is whats is happening to me.

    Do you know what I can do to my firefox version change to conector mode?

    I am using Cyberfox (a alternative 64 bits version of Firefox) Maybe this is the problem ?
  • yes, I wouldn't be surprised if using Cyberfox is the issue. While Zotero may work on various FF forks (IceWeasel, PaleMoon, Cyberfox, TenFourFox), it's only tested and officially supported on Firefox.
  • Thanks adamsmith.

    I'll try with the regular Firefox to see if the problem persists.
  • Currently, even restarting Firefox to get the connector working with ZSA does not work for me. Is this a known and reproducible bug? Can anything be done to fix this?
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