Drag and drop PDFs in the Zotero Standalone middle pane

Is it not possible anymore to drag and drop PDFs in the Zotero middle pane? I imported a PDF and wanted to attach it to the respective entry but it seems not possible. I does not let me do it and I don't get the [+] sign that I get when I file items into folder on the left pane.
  • certainly should be possible. You've tried restarting?
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    Yes, it seems that I have the same issue as gpf.

    Firefox (41.0), Zotero & Zotero Standalone (, Windows 7

    Restarting Firefox and Zotero Standalone does not solve this.
  • I am having the same problem. Add article metadata to Zotero Firefox plugin center panel. Download the pdf separately to the Zotero center panel. When I drag pdf over the article title, the title highlights and I see the cross-through symbol. The pdf does NOT become a child of the parent metadata.

    Friefox - 41.0, Zotero, Windows 7
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    I'm having similar problems (using Zotero beta with Firefox Portable). I can drag PDFs into Zotero from the Windows desktop, with or without shift key. Dragging items to other collections is also OK. Dragging items to other collections with the shift key does not work, nor does dragging child items anywhere with or without the shift key.
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    Drag and drop of pdfs in standalone (copied by hand from About Zotero) appears to be blocked in several cases:

    In the middle pane, using existing pdfs and existing parent containers, I cannot drag a pdf into a journal. Or a book. Or a freshly created, empty parent container.

    I can drag a pdf into another collection though, i.e. into the left pane IF and ONLY IF it is not attached to a parent container. If it is attached, I'm blocked. If I try to detach it by dragging it out of its parent container, I'm blocked. The parents can be dragged around, the pdfs not so much.

    This seems to be recent behavior, it was working two days ago or less afaik.

    Update: Disabled LibreOffice Integration and Word for Windows Integration. No help. Same behavior in Windows 7 32 bit and 8.1 64 bit, different machines.

    Turned on logging, restarted. Turned on logging again and checked the box that evidently means "Stay enabled after restart" and restarted. First two lines of 6724 read:

    [JavaScript Error: "1443685099375 Toolkit.Telemetry ERROR TelemetryStorage::loadAbortedSessionPing - error removing ping: PingReadError JS Stack trace: PingReadError@TelemetryStorage.jsm:80:15 < TelemetryStorageImpl.loadPingFile<@TelemetryStorage.jsm:1440:13" {file: "resource://gre/modules/Log.jsm" line: 749}]

    version =>, platform => Win32, oscpu => Windows NT 6.1, locale => en-US, appName => Zotero, appVersion =>

    Find in Zotero://debug/ window appears enabled but nothing seems to happen when I click it.
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    It looks like Firefox 41 (and the equivalent base used by Zotero Standalone) broke this on Windows. I'll try to figure out what happened and get out a fix ASAP.
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    OK, I've identified the cause here. (This change actually broke some drag-related functionality in Firefox 41 itself as well.) I should have a fix later today or tomorrow.
  • This should be fixed in Zotero for Firefox, available now. Standalone versions with the fix will be released within the next day.
  • Great, it works,

    thanks a lot.
  • Brilliant! Thanks, Dan.
  • After an exhaustive suite of about five tests, drag and drop function in standalone Zotero seems to working as before. Thank you, sir.
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