Quick question

A quick question: can I have all the features of standalone zotero, along with libreoffice integration from the firefox plugin ?
  • yes. There's nothing that Standalone can do that the Firefox add-on cannot.
  • What about the opposite situation? Are there currently features of the FF-add-in that are unavailable in Z-standalone?
  • yeah, but not many. Automated proxy support is the big one and related to that auto-download of PDFs on proxy connections on select sites (notably ProQuest, EBSCO, and ScienceDirect, perhaps others).
    There's also the ability to choose a translator when saving in Firefox that doesn't exist in the Chrome/Safari extensions yet (that's planned, though).

    I believe currently saving Reports is broken on Standalone and date localization (for display purposes) is funky.

    I think that's it, though.
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