Two-parts last name not recognized

Dear all,

I am having a problem with this reference:

The last name is "El Zaatari" and the first name "Sireen". It is correctly saved in Zotero (for Firefox), but when I cite it it Word, it appears as "Zaatari, S. El".
It seems to work if I enter it in Zotero with quotes for the last name, but isn't it a bug?

I am currently using the style for Mammal Review, but it seems it is independent of the style.

Any help would be appreciated!
  • For the moment, keep enclosing the last name in double quotes. A new processor version should be out soon that no longer parses any capitalised elements as particles. From then on, the double quotes will no longer be needed.
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    Try installing the Processor Patch plugin (Propachi Vanilla), and see what results you get (you may need to switch away from your style, then back for the plugin to take effect).

    Edit: or follow nickbart's piece of advice if you don't want to install the new version of the processor (and have just one or two names to change).
  • Thank you for your answers. For now, I will wait for the new version and use quotes (that's just a few refs).
  • For your information, Zotero, which was released today for Firefox only (i.e. not Standalone), includes the new processor version.
  • I've just installed it, and it indeed works perfectly!
    Thank you again for all your answers :)
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    Surprising to hear that it works, given that Zotero still does not seem to be using the simplified parsing (since leading lowercase strings in the family field that are *not* on the list do not seem to be detected).

    Do we have an ETA for the simplified parsing?

    Also, there’s one more bug:

    ["de Doe"] [Dan, III]

    is exported as CSL JSON:

    "family": "de Doe",
    "given": "Dan, III"

    Expected, of course:

    "family": "de Doe",
    "given": "Dan"
    "suffix": "III"
  • Well, it works with "El Zaatari" and "von Koenigswald"
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