LibreOffice 5: No response from plugin

I'm having the problem of Zotero buttons/toolbar not working but visible in Libre Office Writer. I do not get any error messages when clicking on the buttons, just no reaction.

My current system: Win 7 SP1 32bit, Firefox 41.0, Zotero Add-On, Zotero LibreOffice Integration 3.5.10 Add-On, LibreOffice, JRE path c:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_60\

After looking at the available support pages and forum threads I'm not sure if my problem is connected to those reported there or a new one:

Should I try installing an older Java version (7)? I'm hesitant because of security concerns. Or maybe should I try to work with Libre Office 4 portable to test if the LibO version is the problem?
  • I taught I had re-installed the plugin (from Zotero Firefox Add-On Options) often enough and also restarted LibO and Firefox several times, but now it seems to work without certain actions from my side.

    Strange thing is though that
    in Firefox AddOns I have Zotero LibreOffice Integration 3.5.10
    in LibreOffice Extension Manager I have Zotero LibreOffice Integration 3.5.9

    Not sure if I should try again to solve this (manual installation?) or just work with the current setup as long as it works.
  • yeah, don't worry about that.
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