Size of Word plugin's quick format citation

in any document I use the MS Word plugin on Windows 8.1, Word 2010, the quick format citation box appears all over the screen. Leaves me unable to see or choose any results. In addition, I can't drag and move the box at all...
Does anyone know how to deal with this bug?
  • could you post a screenshot to a free image hosting site (imgur, Dropbox) and link to it? I'm not sure I quite understand what you're seeing.
  • sure.

    please have a look at:
  • odd. As a stop-gap, try to switch to the classic view of the AddCitation dialog under Preferences--> Cite in Zotero (that'd be the Zotero preferences, not the ones for the Word add-on, but it applies to the Word add-on).
  • I already know about the classic view. it's quite unhandy :/

    I even reinstalled everything but nothing changed.
  • You can try moving localstore.rdf and xulstore.rdf out of your Firefox profile directory and restarting Firefox. (If that doesn't help, you can close Firefox and move them back to restore your previous window settings.) Simon may have other ideas.
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