Automation of non-parenthetical in-text citations possible in APA?

Zotero and the APA style handle parenthetical in-text citations very well. This is particularly important given the distinction between first and subsequent citations. However, afaik, this does not extend to non-parenthetical in-text citations, which have to be handled manually incl. suppressing the authors within the parentheses. This can lead to mistakes as the distinction between first and subsequent citations is not automatically updated anymore. Would it be possible to automatize non parenthetical in-text citations in the same way as parenthetical in-text citations? Could not the whole field code consist of, for instance, {Grainger, Purnell, and Zipf (2008, p. 140)} and {Grainger et al. (2008, p. 138)} respectively?

APA Basic Citation Styles:
  • APA is pretty much the only style that has such strict in-text formatting rules. Handling them automatically is something that has been brought up several times, and it seems like they may be eventually supported. But supporting in-text formatting will require a huge number of changes (including an update of the CSL programming language that Zotero uses, rewriting many citation styles, and updates to Zotero itself), so it won't happen any time soon.
  • Thank you for updating me.

    Do you know of any other program that satisfies APA's complex requirements?
  • Endnote and Bookends
  • Long time from that question.... maybe I am missing something, but have to ask: is this issue solved in Zotero?
  • Not solved yet. There has been much progress in the background, but the new features are still not available in the current release.
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