"Get addinional Styles..."-Link opens blank browserwindow in ZotFF

In the "Cite" section of the Zotero preferences there is a link under the list of styles which opened the Zotero style-repository. This link does not work anymore, now it just opens a blank browser-window.

Tested with these configurations:

OSX 10.7.5. / FF 40.0.3 / ZotFF
WIN 8.1. Enterprise / FF 40.0.3 / ZotFF
WIN 7 Pro SP1 / FF 40.0.3 / ZotFF

See a screenshot of the link here:

Note: The link works when I use Zotero SA!

  • Works for me still, odd. Wonder if this is somehow related to the German version (@zuphilip, if you're around--does this still work for you?)
  • Yes, this works for me without any problem (Firefox on Win 8.1). Could de-AT (I assume that Frank is from Austria) make any difference?
  • I tested it again today, and the repository loaded. I swear it didn't load 2 days ago...just strange.
    Anyway, thanks for your replies.
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