password in firefox not saving

occasionally the password in firefox doesn't save--the password for the zotero sync server. It seems intermittent; sometimes it is there and sometimes not. but there's no error notification in my zotero to let me know this has happened. not using standalone. anyone else found this? thanks.
  • Are you using a master password in Firefox?

    Otherwise could be another installed extension interfering, or a problem with your Firefox login manager. (You can delete the login manager files in your Firefox profile, but since that would wipe out all your site passwords, it's worth trying other things first.)
  • Thanks, I'm not using a master password. I just looked at settings and "remember passwords for sites" is unchecked (I use a password-management plugin). I'll check it and see if that helps.
  • (I use a password-management plugin).
    that's almost certainly the cause of this, then.
  • Ah, interesting--so Dashlane probably conflicts with Zotero?
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