Word Plugin Mac 2016, Floatable / detachable Zotero toolbar

Hi all,

thanks for making Zotero work with the new Word for Mac 2016, it works great in my hand.

I was hoping you it would be possible to detach the Zotero toolbar from the add-in ribbon tab and move it around as in 2011.

Currently I have to switch between "Home" and "Add-In" ribbon constantly, which is a lot of clicking, since I'm working on long documents with heavy citation.

Any plans for that?

See here:

Ideally one would have all buttons in one view.

  • I would second that request if at all possible. Having a floating toolbar that did not require clicking between ribbons before adding a citation was quite a bit more convenient. Is this already possible, and I'm just missing it? Is there a way to turn add-ins into floating toolbars?
    Thank you,
  • Same here – I’m missing the floating toolbar too! Other than that, a big thumbs up to zotero developers!
    You are super-cool!

    Hope you can something about that.

  • In case number of comments matters, I will add my request for the return of the floating toolbar to reduce the amount of clicking. Or, if it is possible to do it now, adding instructions to the documentation.

    As always, I appreciate all the good folks at Zotero do to provide us with a wonderful tool, as well as your open approach to suggestions. Thank you.
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    Hi all,

    good news! Microsoft implemented positioning of custom Macros in the the quick access toolbar in the newest Word 2016 Mac version (15.23, 160611); you can place your favourite via
    ->Ribbon & Toolbar
    create a new group in the Home tab
    and add from the left panel (select Macros first)
    You can rename the macros to save space in the Home tab (select item to rename, left click the mechanical gear just below the panel).

    see screenshots:
    Final layout:

  • Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I have run in to a problem with customizing the ribbon, in Word for Mac (Word for Mac 16.38, Zotero 5.0.89-beta.2+1ec2615ee).

    While it is possible to go to prefs > Ribbon & Toolbar > create new group > add the Zotero macros, the changes to the home ribbon doesn't hold; when I choose Save in the settings, the ribbon briefly flickers and then.. no changes to the ribbon.

    Any fixes appreciated,
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