Adding "working paper" category

to the list of item types.
  • Most people, it seems, are using the "report" type for working papers, and I’d say this works quite well.
  • ...and that's what we do when importing from working paper archives (SSRN, NBER) and what styles are coded for.
  • ah, ok. thanks for clarification!
  • Report is ok for Working papers but I think that Working Papers are on the increase (especially in the UK where the government's assessment of university departments depends on publications, which can include working papers, so most departments are setting up working paper websites and encourage early publications)... so please can we have an item type of Working Paper?
  • Aside: I wish Zotero correctly discerned the difference between working papers and published journal articles on repositories like SSRN. It's a little annoying to have to relabel pretty much every SSRN item that I add to Zotero. (Thanks for humoring my nitpick).
  • Do you have an example? I'm always a bit worried about labeling something taken from SSRN as a journal article -- even if it has been published -- because it may well be an earlier pre-print version.
  • I see. The last instance I ran into was what you describe: a pre-print of a published article:
  • Even if we wanted to, I don't think we could do much about this: The journal information isn't anywhere in the structured data on that page, so I'm afraid that won't happen.
  • I see. Thanks AdamSmith.
  • At least, allow us to rename them automatically as in Mendeley and create citation type as in Google Scholar.
  • sorry, I have no idea what you're requesting; you'd have to describe that in more detail.
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