Error report #1295399136

1. create subcollection
2. populate new subcollection with 3 'Save Link to Current Page'
3. create new top level directory
4. select the 3 links, drag to new top level collection
5. rclick on the subcollection
6. select 'Remove Collection'
7. message in middle Zotero pane: 'An error has occurred. Please restart Firefox.'

I'll post this now and see if I can reproduce it.
  • Yep, reproduced it after restarting Firefox.
  • Somehow your database wasn't upgraded properly with the latest schema update, which shouldn't be possible if you updated all files via SVN. Can you upload your DB to the DB Repair Tool and e-mail the Upload ID to You can ignore the download links it provides, which won't fix the problem.
  • I changed Preferences -> Advanced -> Storage location

    when I restarted the schema updated and all is well.

  • Problems persist, I followed the dbfix suggestion.

  • We'll need a new error report if you're still having trouble. The database looks OK.
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