Juris-M install on Linux

Dear All,

I have been trying to install Juris-M on Ubuntu. When I type:
sudo bash build.sh -R
I get the output bellow and nothing happens:
** Running in RELEASE mode
cat: /home/****/bin/doorkey.txt: No such file or directory
Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong?
  • Ah, sorry, there should be Linux install notes. The build.sh script is not relevant (I will remove it from future releases).

    Until Linux packages are available, the way to install will be to move the unpacked archive it a desired location (such as /opt for global access), and then to run the client by executing the "run-zotero.sh" script at the top of the archive.
  • Thank you very much! Now everything works seamlessly.
  • Hi Frank and yacinear,

    I know we're nearly three years out from the last comment on this post, but I was still having some difficulty installing Juris-M for Ubuntu. Here is the process I finally figured out, and which might help those who are new to Ubuntu (as I am).

    Written for Ubuntu 18.04 with the Gnome desktop environment.

    After downloading and unpacking the archive file and moving it to the desired location (I also used `/opt`), making sure not to try to extract the files *directly* to a directory, since that requires root access. I did the extraction with `tar xvjf`, but I suppose one could also use `bunzip`.

    Next, from the terminal, I entered the top level of the unzipped archive file and ran the `./jurism` command or script. This opened the desktop standalone.

    After that, I added the `jurism.desktop` file to the appropriate directory in Gnome, which is /usr/share/applications.

    I opened the `jurism.desktop` file in vim with root access -- which I'm not sure is necessary but which I tend to do when I'm editing files like this -- and replaced the path in the third line with the path directly to `jurism` (again, on my machine, `/opt/Jurism_linux-x86_64/jurism`).

    I also ran set_launcher_icon back in the `/opt/Jurism_linux-x86_64/` directory, and now have the pretty green icon linked to in the `jurism.desktop` file.

    I'm not sure if some documentation already exists for this, and if it does, my apologies for not finding it. Otherwise, I hope this helps other new-to-Linux folks who are trying to install this application.
  • https://raw.githubusercontent.com/retorquere/zotero-better-bibtex/master/zotero5_installer.py will do it for you:

    ./zotero5_installer.py --client jurism --location global

    will install Juris-M in /opt/jurism and create the desktop file
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