How to suppress renaming when adding an attachment?

How do I suppress renaming when adding a PDF attachment via right click on entry, then "Add Attachment" then "Attach Stored Copy of File..." in Zotero Standalone (ZSA)?

When I do the same in Zotero Firefox (ZFF), the PDF file name remains unchanged. I want the same behavior for ZSA.

I have Zotfile installed in ZFF and ZSA but both switched to "Use Zotero to Rename". I therefore do not understand the different behavior of ZFF and ZSA. Am I missing something in the Zotero Preferences?
  • that's ZotFile behavior still though -- ZotFile is more aggressive about renaming, even if it uses Zotero's renaming routine. No idea why it behaves differently on Standalone and Firefox, though it's very likely something about your settings.
  • @ adamsmith Do you think I should report it in the ZotFile thread?
  • I can actually replicate the different behavior between Standalone and Firefox. You can try posting to the ZotFile thread, yes. I wouldn't expect a quick fix, though.
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