feature request: paste plain text into rich-text notes

The rich-text editor works well, but I often want to paste text without formatting.

workaround: click the "html" button and open the raw html window, and paste there instead of the editor.

Actually I just realized the eraser-like button is there to remove formatting. But based on a few experiments it doesn't always work. So I still think it would be nice to have a "paste without formatting" button or shortcut. Perhaps this plugin for the editor.


minor slightly OT comments: others have requested a search function and I agree! Slightly annoying to copy and paste into a text editor just to search within a note. And tooltips for the toolbar buttons - I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the eraser was doing.
  • In regard to the lack of a search function:

    While not a solution, it may be slightly faster to open the raw HTML and search within that than to copy and paste everything into another editor. Firefox's native search feature works within that window. Whether this is practicable depends on how complicated your formatting is, I suppose.
  • The remove formatting eraser doesn't remove linebreaks when I import from Adobe PDFs, which I do frequently.

    Would be nice if Zotero search operated within notes.
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