Automatically add tags from ERIC for imports from other websites

I would like to automatically add tags from ERIC for imports from other websites. For example, I save an entry to Zotero from ScienceDirect. However, ScienceDirect may have no keywords associated with an article.

See, for example, Wolfe, E. W. (1997). The Relationship Between Essay Reading Style and Scoring Proficiency in a Psychometric Scoring System. Assessing Writing, 4(1), 83–106.

However, many entries in ERIC have descriptors that can be imported. Unfortunately, one often cannot import the fulltext from their website.

See, for example,

I would like to grab the article from ScienceDirect and automatically add the ERIC's descriptors with one click. Currently, I have to import from ScienceDirect and from ERIC and then merge the two items.

(ERIC is the acronym for the Education Resources Information Center. ERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education.)
  • Your goal might be quite challenging to achieve, especially if you need to go from the publisher's website to the ERIC website. The first step would be to find the same article in ERIC, but this seems non-trivial. I tried to search the doi which seems not to be indexed in ERIC for your example, and searching for the title seem to yield to many results. Maybe, there are better ways to perform a known-item search in ERIC. From zotero you could try to add a lookup-engine in the locate menue.

    Can you adopt your workflow to start at ERIC and then add the fulltext and the missing information? Here you can for example try to use the CrossRef search in the locate menue. I don't think we want to change the (official) translator behaviour for this special case, but let us maybe see what some of the other people think about it.
  • I usually start with Google Scholar Search, if I notice that there is an ERIC entry listed and I don't get automatic keywords from the official source that I do the extra step by creating an additional ERIC entry and then merging it with the original entry.

    I'm not quite sure where the advantage of doing it in reverse (ERIC first, then official source) is? It still does require two separate entries and then manually merging it, doesn't it?
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    What I tried to describe was the following: 1) Go to , 2) save it to zotero, 3) perform a CrossRef lookup (locate menue), 4) and you will land automatically on the sciencedirect webpage of the article. Thus, this just would automate the second search in sciencedirect (two items and the merging would still be there).
  • What we hope to implement at some point is the ability to get the PDF (provided, of course, you have access) after having downloaded the data. That way you could just add all articles from ERIC.
    I don't think adding tags from a specific site is going to happen, though. It's just too messy to implement, both in terms of code and user interface.
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