Reasons for abbreviating filenames in Zotero

When I import references including fulltext PDFs, the filename of the PDF is cut off after a certain number of characters. I would prefer to have the full filename to be used instead.

1) What are the reasons for abbreviating filenames in Zotero?

2) Can I avoid the automatic shortening of the filenames?

3) What problems might long filenames cause in Zotero or elsewhere, if any?
  • Long filenames can cause problems on Windows (though I believe Zotero has additional safeguards against that) and they're generally clumsy e.g. in icon or list view, so it's considered good practice to avoid them.

    The cut off for the title is set in the hidden pref
    (the number in curly brackets after %t) and can be changed or omitted without any risks that I'm aware of.
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