Word for Mac 2011 + large documents problem

Hi all,

I am trying to bring together a number of different chapters (of a thesis) into a single file. In total the word count will be about 110K and there are citations spread throughout this text. I don't have a figure for the exact amount of bibliographic references that this will add up to but it will be large - probably in the order of around 600-700.

Zotero handles the individual chapters just fine. Each of these separate documents has 10,000-20,000 words. The problem is once I bring in the text from the separate files, Zotero seems to have great difficulty functioning properly. It has problems with editing the citations and with refreshing the bibliography.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation - I'm imagining that it must be a fairly standard scenario - and if so, might there be a solution?

  • There is no solution, unfortunately. Zotero is just slow in long document and even more so on Word for Mac. The only "solution" at this point is to do as little as possible once the document is assembled, ideally just inserting the bibliography.
  • Thanks for the input. But you think then that bringing the documents into Word for Windows should at least have some positive impact?
  • yup, that will be faster. Not fast by any means, but faster.
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