MLA inconsistencies

I am trying to create an appropriate MLA 7th Ed. entry for something like this:

I can get a rough approximation with Encyclopedia Article, but if I use the Editor field, it sticks the editor first like an author, and if I use the Series Editor Field, it drops Editor altogether. Moreover, though I have the URL field checked in prefs, it does not add the URL. Also, there is with this item, like many of the bib entries produced, issues with lack of Web vs Print statement (not everything is a "web page" and there has to be a better way to indicate whether the resource was accessed in print or electronic format via the "web")

I know that it would be virtually impossible to address every possible combination that the Handbook could produce, but perhaps there are ways to tweak, override, etc?
  • actual examples of how citations come out would help. MLA recommends against including URLs (saying, in what is pretty much the only reasonable part of the 7th edition, that they change and people can just google), but we have a version of the style that includes them:

    I'd assume that the problem for this citation is that it has no author but an editor, yet the editor is listed. That's actually not a situation the MLA manual covers as far as I can tell and I think considering something like including the organization as an author would make a lot of sense.

    The MLA style generally considers items with a URL to be "web" so that's not limited to the web page item types. It's possible there's something broken, though, so we can take a look (hence the examples).
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