Incorrect import/export of initials from Google Scholar

Consider this article:

The authors are scraped as "Bendat, JS" and "Piersol, AG". On BibTeX export from Zotero, their names are generated as "author = {JS Bendat and AG Piersol}". This is incorrect, because BibTeX styles will generally interpret JS as the author's first name, and abbreviate it to "J." (if the style includes only initials and surname, as many do).

The export needs a space: "J S Bendat". I believe this should be accomplished by inserting a space upon scraping from Google Scholar: "JS Bendat" -> "Bendat, J S".
  • Bump?

    (Is it safe to assume that all "Troubleshooting" reports have been read and appropriately actioned by developers, or is that only the case when someone (usually Dan Stillman) replies in the thread? Is the "Troubleshooting" section of this forum the best place to report issues like this one, or is there a bug/issue tracking system that it would be better to directly access?)
  • Please see my response to cartesian in another thread--rest assured that we are keeping track and that we're working on more improved and transparent tracking methods. (So no need to bump.)
  • Brilliant. Thanks Dan.
  • hAndrew: The bad news is not just that Google displays initials as you describe; they're also generating names in the same format in their RIS and other citation output. There's no good way to attack this problem without upsetting our many other RIS-dependent import translators. The good news is that we will soon support the import of a far broader array of Google Scholar resources using their new citation import functionality.
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