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Does anyone have any ideas for dealing with the problem of journal names varying depending on where Zotero scrapes them from? (Phys Rev Lett vs Phys. Rev. Lett. vs PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS vs PHYS REV LETT vs Physical Review Letters etc)?

Because I'm actually using Zotero right now to write articles for publication (I really want Zotero to work for this because it's such a good tool already), I need journal names to be standardised so that they appear consistently in bibliographies. I feel quite silly when, every couple of days, I need to go on a search-edit-copy-search-paste spree in Zotero, to track down all the non-std journal names (and author names) that I've imported over the last couple of days.

Are there other people actually using Zotero to compile bibliographies for actual publications right now? How do you deal with the problem of non-standardised journal / author fields?

On a related note, while the search-edit-copy-search-paste spree is necessary, it would be really handy to have a "Match case" search option, to help track down "PHYS REV LETT" as opposed to "Phys Rev Lett" :).
  • I was wondering whether anyone has any response to this issue of having multiple variations of a journal's name, which I think many people are having.
  • no, there is still no solution apart from cleaning up journal names manually. This will be somewhat easier to deal with once batch-editing has been introduced, which is one of the top two priorities for the next major version of Zotero.

    However, journal titles (or any titles for that matter) should never appear in all caps, so if you see that, please report where you got the data from and we'll try to fix it in the respective translator.
  • I see, thanks Adam
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