Word 2016 plugin: lag

I'm getting serious keyboard lag with the Zotero Word for Mac 2016 plugin. At first I thought it was a broken document, but now any document with more than about ten citations starts to lag. The same document opened in old word has no problems. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  • I experienced this too at one point, but it seems to have been fixed by a Word update. You can update Word by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Help menu.
  • Thanks! I'm still getting this issue after update; I've now tried on a couple of computers, separate installations of 2016.
  • I wonder if this has to do with the size of my library? 6495 items.
  • No, your library size is irrelevant. Unless you are in the process of inserting a citation there is no communication between Word and Zotero. This is a Word issue and only Microsoft can do anything about it.
  • thanks. this makes sense. I wonder why I would experience it on two totally different machines, in different documents, with unrelated instalations of Word.
  • because you're running the same software on both machines so it likely has the same issues/bugs.
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    Thanks, that makes sense, but that is why I'm wondering if anyone else running word for Mac 2016 is encountering similar issues. Trying to isolate the problem.
  • Yes, I've experienced exactly the same issues, and started a post about it a few days ago. Now I use bookmarks as opposed to fields, which fixes the lag.

    NB I'm finding Office for Mac in general is massively buggy...
  • Hello
    I also have Mac Office 2016 and I can not install the word plug in : "plug in is corrupted" I really need it for a big project :(((
  • @tarikerbilici -- please start a new thread and describe exactly what you're doing and the complete error message you're getting and when exactly you're getting it.
  • Hallo,

    I have v. 15. 18 and I experience the same issue with zotero and lag in word 2016. First I thought it was an issue with word 2016, but now I realize that lag first occurs when I start to add references from Zotero.

    My colleagues and I could really use a hot-fix on this! Will help any way I can.
  • Are you getting a general keyboard lag or are you getting a lag entering citations?
  • General keyboard lag. I've tried the newest beta build of the Word plugin but the error is still there.

    I've been able to reproduce the problem by quickly writing a big document, and then add 10+ citations from Zot. Keyboard lags happens every time.
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