Change colour of attachment icon

The small blue attachment icon that says a local copy of the pdf file attached to the bib entry exists, is a great help.
Now , I also have books, documents, videos in Zotero but they don't show up as they are not an attachment. However, they are as available as the attachment for the work.

Can the blue icon be made to show these entries? For instance, in adding the same icon to a biblio entry if you have a specific entry in one of the fields ? In my case, I've put the entry "bib" in the Library Field as a makeshift but this info is not well visible. So, a change in the small icon would be far more useful.

The luxury level of change would be if you have the blue icon for the presence of an attachment and, in the same column, an icon in another colour for the presence of an entry in the Library Field (or any other field to be fixed in the Preferences).
  • The idea is to have the central window with a rapid overview: a column that tells me which of the bib entries are accompanied by their pdf file OR their book in my private library.

    I think the colour tabs are not the solution I search, but I will look closer at them to see what they can provide. Thanks for the hint.
  • Take a look. I think they're exactly what you want. Also, the blue icon should be displaying for any type of attachment, not just PDF. Is that not what you're seeing? If no, how exactly are these items attached?
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