Citeproc: same author, different particles parsing, subsequent-author-substitute

It's not really a bug, but a curious/inconsistent behaviour of the processor.

Step to reproduce:
Create two items with the author field filled as follows [lastname, firstname]:
[de Beauregard, Jean]
[Beauregard, Jean de]

These two fields are parsed differently: in the first case, "de" is a non-dropping particle; in the latter case "de" is dropping. That's correct.

But if you create a bibliography with CMS (or any style which uses the "subsequent-author-substitute" attribute), the output is:
de Beauregard, Jean. Title
–––. Title

as if the names were identical, both with non-dropping particles.

Obviously in this case, a real user should clean up its data (I was just testing the new parsing module).
  • Well spotted. It's easy to discriminate the two cases, if there is general agreement (it seems to me that doing so would avoid unnecessary confusion).
  • edited August 28, 2015
    Yes, I agree, even if it's just confusing and not really an issue. [Actually, one can say that it's a feature to make it consistent (except if you've two perfect homonyms with the only difference that their particles are not of the same "nature" – improbable).]
  • Even with demote-non-dropping-particle="display-and-sort", the form of the name for dropping and non-dropping particles differs in-text (i.e. in author-date citations) for the short form name. As you say, it's an edge case, but I guess I'll go ahead and make the change.
  • FWIW, I agree these shouldn't be treated as identical, even if they're very similar.
  • Agree on treating names with different types of particles as distinct names.
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