Ovid - "Could not save item" - Zotero Firefox

Report ID: 966884280

Databases tested: PsycINFO and MEDLINE on Ovid

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Firefox
2. Open Zotero
3. Open new tab and connect to PsycINFO or MEDLINE on Ovid through my library's access
4. Conduct the following advanced search: procrastination.ti
5. Click Zotero import button in browser and select the first two references
6. Error message: "Could not save item" appears in lower right corner

Additional info:
* I tried opening a single result in PsycINFO and MEDLINE and clicked on the Zotero import button. Same error message appears.
* When I tried this with MEDLINE in Chrome and selected the same two references, no issues, import to Zotero Standalone was successful.
* When I tried this with PsycINFO in Chrome and selected the same two references, I received this message in the lower right corner: "An error occurred while saving this item. Check Known Translator Issues for more information."

Any assistance would be appreciated.

FIREFOX: Firefox v.40.0.2; Zotero for Firefox v.; Windows 7
CHROME: Chrome v.44.0.2403.155 m; Zotero Standalone v.4.0.28; Windows 7
  • Can you post the URL for OVID exactly as you see it in the URL bar?
  • Sorry. Here is the URL:

  • So you're not accessing the website through your institution's proxy?

    Dan, can you check the details in the Error report?
  • [JavaScript Error: "item.title is undefined" {file: "C:\Users\[...]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[...].default-1361455615804\zotero\translators\OVID Tagged.js" line: 207}]
  • I'm on campus, but URL with proxy is:
  • sorry, could you clarify that? You tried this on an unproxified URL on campus and get the same error?
  • I usually work on campus when the issue occurs. I haven't tested recently from off-campus.
  • sorry, still unclear: the question is less about on vs. off campus than it is about using the proxified URL or not, since proxy servers can affect if/how Zotero saves items.

    In other words, was the first URL the entire content of your address bar or did you remove the proxy portion before posting it?
  • I did not remove the proxy portion.
  • @adamsmith, I can reproduce this on the linked page (not on a random query I tried before)
  • OK, this might be fixed now. Please update your translators via Preferences -> General -> Update Now, restart browser and try again. Let us know if you are still experiencing issues. If you are, see https://www.zotero.org/support/debug_output and provide a Debug ID.
  • Wow! It works (tested in Zotero for Firefox version). Thanks for resolving this so quickly. If I have a another comment about the export, should I start a new discussion? Although the export now works, it is exporting the following text after the document title for each journal article found in PsycINFO (Ovid): "[References]". Is there anything that can be done on your end to resolve this?
  • we can chop that off automatically, yes. Could you give an example exactly as it ends up in Zotero?
  • Here are a few examples:

    Decisional procrastination of school-to-work transition: Personality correlates of career indecision. [References]

    Relationships between academic motivation, self-efficacy, and academic procrastination. [References]

    The genetic correlation between procrastination and impulsivity. [References]

    As you can see, "[References]" gets added in the title field for each result.
  • Any news regarding the above comment?
  • that should have been fixed almost a week ago. Is it not?
  • Yes, it is. So sorry for not checking before asking. Thanks so much. The support has been great!
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