Juris-M- Zotero: Stuck syncing

I use this software on 2 computers (1 at university, 1 at home), although I do have it installed on some others that I don't use as frequently.

The university computer I am using has not synced items that I saved yesterday to my online account or home computer.

When I hover over the spinning arrow, it says 'Getting updated data from sync server. Last sync 22 hours ago'. I have left it spinning for about an hour. Since its last sync I have only added ~5 extra items with a total library of 210 items, so I am presuming that the size of the data isn't the issue.

Is this just the sync queuing or something more?

Thank you!
  • A bug that can (temporarily) block sync was discovered in Juris-M a few days ago, so the first thing to do is to update to the latest Juris-M version, on all of the machines.

    The bug was triggered by Document or Standard items that had a value in the "version" field. Could you check to see if any of the items (including the five recently added) fit that description? If so, that's almost certainly the cause.

    Let us know what you find. (It might be necessary to ask Dan to give the server a nudge, to get sync running again on your account, but we'll wait for news first.)
  • I don't have any with the Version field filled at the moment, although I know I was playing around with this yesterday when trying to cite a UN General comment (including the UN citation as per NZ style guide). So that probably has happened, even though I moved the entry out of that field yesterday.

    Do I just need to update to the most recent version?
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    This sounds like the cause, then. Do update the client, and turn off automatic syncing until things are sorted out.

    To request that the sync queue be cleared, do these steps:

    (1) Preferences -> Advanced -> General tab, and click "Enable"
    (2) Run sync for a time (~10 minutes)
    (3) Preferences -> Advanced -> General tab, click "Submit to Zotero Server", and post the Debug ID back here.

    (Apologies in advance to Dan for the distraction of this bug.)
  • I don't need a Debug ID — I just need to be told when to clear the queue, which has to be after the fixed version is installed.
  • Very good.

    haleennah: Just post here when you've done the install. It is important that the earlier versions not be used for sync, since that may freeze your sync queue again.
  • Hi there,

    I re-installed and all seems to be well! Thanks very much!

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