Copy in Libraries

I have copy a library inside another library.
When I click the file in library the message is "The attached file could not be found".
Then I deleted the new library, but the new library did not disappear on my standalone although there is no such as library on my online account.
I have refreshed many times but the new library still on my standalone.
How can I delete it?
  • I have a hard time following, sorry.
    What do you mean by a library? And how exactly did you copy it?

    And where did you delete it if it's still in Standalone?
  • Library is one of group libraries that I have created. I copy folders from one library to another library by drag and drop.
    I deleted the Library on my web account.
  • and you're positive you're syncing successfully? To test, create a new item in your personal library online and see if that appears in Standalone.

    I'm not sure if you still need help with the copying issue if you're now deleting things?
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