Plugin to read directly a Zotero database on Android


Is there an application that can read a Zotero database on an Android device?

I know the applications that are on the page, but that's not what I want.

I sync my files using BitTorrent Sync (This is the quickest way I know to synchronize files between multiple devices. In addition, the files are not found on any server in the cloud !!! ). So I do not want to use the Zotero server to archive and synchronize my files.

What I want is an Android application that allows reading (and possibly modify) references from a Zotero database that sits on an Android device and open files attached to these references.

So I do not want apps like Zandy, Zed, Zed Lite and Zojo, which require a Zotero account to read, modify and open references.

Does anyone know of an application of this kind?

  • no.
    It's also not a good idea to use a basic file sync operation to sync a database file. You have a very high chance of ending up with a corrupted database in the end. (E.g. the bit torrent sync doesn't check whether the database is open on multiple points, whether it's properly closed at the time of sync etc.)
  • Has their been any further research on the use of Sync with Zotero? I know that the sofware has been developed much since this post however I would like an option that allows for more secure storage of my research.

    Alternatively, based on your post from above, are @adamsmith, can I conclude that as long as I safely open and close Zotero and then sync the directory so that only one instance of my directory is every accessed at one time, I can have my database safely maintained?
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