can I tell zotero standalone to open files in acrobat?

As the title says, I'd like zotero to open pdfs in Acrobat, not reader. Is there an option to define that?
  • Ok, I just assigned Acrobat as the default program for pdfs in Windows. Now zotero follows.
  • Yes, that's the way to go.

    It's not possible to assign a custom PDF program for just Zotero at this time. It's an increasingly frequent request, though, so that might happen, too.
  • Hmm. I want this too, but I want pdf xchange. I can't get windows to default to anything other than reader. So, that first, I guess.
  • This is a good set of instructions for Windows:
    should definitely work.
  • Hi- Yeah, I got Windows to change default for pdfs. My problem is that within Windows explorer, when I am looking at files, it always reverts back to adobe reader. It may be something my employer did.

    But I think zotero is all set as it is opening the associated file (and not going through explorer).

    Thanks though.
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