Scrivener and Zotero Integration

  • Using the standalone client, I cannot find the option in preferences under export or cite that is for a "scannable cite." I am trying to use Zotero with Scrivener and I cannot figure out how to insert citations. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  • @JennK Do you have the ODF Scan plugin installed in Zotero?
  • ScannableCite currently doesn't appear to install properly. See for manual install
  • @bwiernik Yes, I have the RTF/ODF scan for Zotero plug in installed.
    @adamsmith When I click on the link in the comment you reference, I am redirected to a page with a bunch of code. Am I supposed to copy that code and paste it somewhere in Zotero? Thanks!
  • Save the code file (ScannableCite.js) into the translators forlder in the Zotero data directory.
  • (further posts in the thread have more details on what to do exactly)
  • This may be a user-error issue because I am new to Scrivener. When I copy the cite over into Scrivener, rather than getting the citation with the weird code, I get a full bibliographic cite.

    Here's exactly what appeared when I dragged from Zotero into Scrivener: Baglivio, M. T., Wolff, K. T., Epps, N., & Nelson, R. (2017). Predicting adverse childhood experiences: The importance of neighborhood context in youth trauma among delinquent youth. Crime & Delinquency, 63(2), 166–188.

    This looks great for a bibliography....but how do I get it to do only the in-text citation (i.e. Baglivio, Wolff, Epps, and Nelson, 2017).
  • Do you have Scannable Cite selected under Export --> Default Output format in Zotero?
  • @adamsmith Ah, okay - back to the question I asked initially. The problem is I don't have the scannable cite selection in export.

    So I have copied the code for scannable cite. Can I put this into the standalone or do I need to go through the website?
  • You don't want to copy the code -- you want to download the file Scannable Cite.js by right-clicking on the link to it and selecting save link as (read through the whole exchange on that thread, which should clarify). You then want to save it into the translators folder within the Zotero data folder (see the link for finding the Zotero Data folder in bwiernik's post) and restart Zotero and it should show up.
  • If I use ctrl C to copy the cite, then when I paste it into Scrivener it inserts only the author's name and year, which is what I want it to do. So that works. My guess is it probably won't work, however, to create the bibliography from the ODT output file created by using "compile" in Scrivener. Correct?
  • no it won't. That's why the whole scannable cite thing exists.
  • @adamsmith I downloaded and saved the .js scannable cite file to the Zotero translators folder in the directory. Closed Zotero, restarted. Now when I use ctrl + alt + c to insert a cite marker in Scrivener, this is what I get: file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Zotero/Scannable Cite.js

    What did I do wrong?
  • @adamsmith I figured it out. I was doing two things wrong. I forgot to change the output to a scannable cite, and I was copying the PDF file rather than the metadata file from Zotero. It appears now that the cite markers are formatting properly in Scrivener.
    @adamsmith and @bwiernik, thank you for your help in solving this!
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